Go Low Carb To Shed Pounds Fast

Sometimes you just want to shed the pounds quickly, and you don't really care about long term weight stability.  Perhaps you have a reunion coming up, or an important job interview.  Whatever the reasoning, millions of people just want a quick and easy weight loss method and they don't want to wait for results.  For them, an ultra low carb diet will most likely do the trick.  Just beware of the discomforting side effects.

So I recently did a bit of vacationing, and like many people who travel, I came home to find an entirely different number on the scale than the one I had left behind.  Fast food, soda, and gas station goodies has all taken their toll on my waistline.  Coupled with the steady increase of pounds I have been experiencing since turning the big 3-0, I decided that it was time to take control of my weight and institute a diet change.  And like most people, I wanted quick results.  And also like most people, ain't nobody got time for things like exercise.  So I turned to the only thing that has always worked for me 100% in the past.  The silver bullet.  The surgical elimination of carbs from the diet.

I had done low and even no carb diets in the past, always with great success.  It was always easy for me, since meat has basically always been front and center in my diet.  But this time around, I thought I would experiment by keeping things like fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet, items which I had omitted during previous low carb adventures.  So my new diet basically consisted of the following:

  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit/Berries
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Cheeses
  • Oils
  • Water and Tea

As you can see, there is basically a ton of food that I can still eat while on this diet.  The big omissions here that most people eat regularly are your breads, grains, oats, sugars, and sodas.  Also keep in mind, that I am basically eating all fresh and natural produce here.  Nothing pre packaged.  I don't like anything that comes out of a box, and neither should you.  Stick along the outside edges of the grocery store and you will be fine.

So what kind of meals would I eat on this diet?  Here are a few example meals that I have been eating over the last week and a half since beginning this program.


  • Almondy Blueberries - This little meal is exactly what it sounds like.  Take a normal cereal bowl, but instead of filling it with your deadly [insert cereal name here], fill it half and half with whole natural almonds and frozen blueberries.  Stir with a spoon and eat.  It's that simple, and it tastes epic.  Enjoy with a glass of Earl Grey, hot.  So you can be a pimp like Picard.  Just remember to brush your teeth after you eat!
  • Deviled Eggs - Yes, my lovely wife made me Deviled Eggs for breakfast the other day, and it was glorious.  Anybody who says they aren't a breakfast food needs to be slapped.
  • Fruit Smoothie - This one does have some carbs in it, but whatevs, it's healthy and yummy.  And it's not like you are having a breakfast soda, or a coffee laced with sugar.  And the best part is, Ape Health has your back with our amazing Smoothie Ideas!
  • Bacon and Eggs - Ok, I haven't had this one while on this most recent diet, but I have had dreams about it none the less.  Fry your bacon in the pan, then fry your eggs in the bacon grease.  Delightful.

Dinner or Supper Meals

  • Grilled Wings and Asparagus - If you have a grill, this is one of the best meals you can make.  Grill up some chicken wings and a hand full of asparagus and then go to town.
  • Cheesy Almondy Salady Delight - I couldn't think of a better name for this salad, but the taste is off the charts.  Take your romaine, spinach, or whatever kind of greens you prefer, throw some raw whole almonds on top, give it some shredded or bleu cheese, and top it with olive oil instead of dressing.  Throw on some salt and pepper to taste.  Basically a quick, easy, and epic salad.
  • Baked Tilapia - If you like fish, fire up the oven and have some baked tilapia.  Eat it with some frozen grapes, and you've got yourself a fine meal right there.
  • Go to town on the grill - I love grilled anything.  During this past week or so I have been making burgers, steaks, wings, you name it.  Grilled pineapple is also amazing.  If you have a grill, this is one easy diet.

These are just a few of the things I have been eating, but obviously with all of the food categories, if you can't find anything to eat on a low carb diet, you just aren't looking hard enough.  For a quick snack, apples are good, and I also love frozen grapes.  And if you are eating out with friends or family, you aren't screwed by any means.  I can't think of any respectable restaurant that doesn't carry a salad at this point.

So... has the diet been working?  Well, it's only been about a week so far, and I am already down over 10 pounds.  And honestly, I'm really not that big of a guy to begin with.  If you are carrying a lot of extra weight, I suspect the results would be even more dramatic.  Cutting bread and soda alone would do wonders for most people.

Now, while the weight loss has been good, low carbing is not without its side effects.  The main one is the headaches.  From about the second through the 5th days of the diet, expect a constant barrage of headaches.  I believe this is the point where most people give up and abort on a low carb diet.  Your body is basically going through withdrawal symptoms resulting from the lack of the refined sugars and flours that it is used to.  At this point it's pretty easy to say 'Screw this' and pick up a donut and go back to your old ways.  But, Excedrin works, and if you can just man (or woman) up and tough it out for a few days, you will have more energy and feel better than you have in years.  I also experiences slight nausea in the late mornings, but that also passes.  Just one week in and I am already feeling good, so honestly you don't have to wait long for the pain to pass.  You can do it!

In conclusion, if you want to shed weight quick, carbs are the enemy.  Cut them out and your body fat will follow.  And if nothing else, do yourself a gigantic favor and remove soda from your diet completely.  That goes for 'diet' soda as well, it's just as bad if not worse.  That step alone would help most people who are suffering with obesity.


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