Friday, August 8, 2014

Welcome to the New Ape Health!

Welcome to the new Ape Health!  Regular readers will probably notice quite a few changes to the site today.  Ape Health has now ditched its old WordPress roots and transitioned to a Blogger powered website.  We have switched to a new layout and logo as well, moving more in line with the general style and theme used by the rest of Ape Apps.  The move to Blogger should facilitate more user engagement by tying the commenting system into Google+.  I also intend to provide more regular updates to the site, and there may even be a mobile app in the pipeline!

So go ahead and take a look around the new site.  All of the old posts have been migrated over from the old server, so all of the content and recipes that you love are still here waiting for you.  So stay tuned, bookmark the site, and enjoy Ape Health!


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