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Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress can be harmful to the health especially over a long period of time. In other to reduce stress, you have to learn how to manage it. Here are some useful tips to reduce stress and help you feel better and live a stress free life every day:

  • Practice Meditation: Meditation techniques like Yoga or deep breathing can be a great way to reduce stress and control tension. You must learn how to meditate for about 15-20 minutes a day as is will help improve your overall performance and focus for the rest of the day.
  • Body Massage: One of the straightforward tips to reduce stress is to get a full body massage. Make sure you go to a professional message therapist so can be sure you’re getting the right kind of message specifically to reduce stress.
  • Exercise Deep Breathing: Practicing deep breathing or breathing with the diaphragm is one of the easiest tips to reduce stress anytime, anywhere. Just like singing, you are able to pull on air from your diaphragm, permitting out the negative energies that cause stress.
  • Go on Vacation: If you have been burnt-out along with your work and busy schedules and you feel that you should go for a weeklong vacation in some peaceful seaside to help reduce stress. Simply ensure that you plan your vacation nicely so you don’t get to add more stress to your already stressed life.
  • Try acupuncture or acupressure. These old Chinese practices of penetrating the skin with needle or application of heat to the body can help you to get rid of stress and also improves natural blood circulation.
  • Walk Exercise: Walking is an excellent exercise that will help you to get rid of daily stress. The beauty of walking is that it helps you maintain a healthy weight and increases your metabolic rate as well.
  • Join a fitness boot camp or Gym: One of the most popular ways to reduce stress is by visiting a gym either daily or weekly depending on schedules. If you find the gym a bit boring then you may join a fitness boot camp especially if you're also looking for motivation from others.
  • Take dance Lessons: Dancing is a great exercise that helps reduce stress especially for those who have passion for dancing.
  • Volunteer and help others. If you feel you've been working after deadlines and appointments daily and also you have been in the corporate jungle for most of your life then you should definitely go out and volunteer. Helping others can be a gratifying task that reliefs most people off their stress. You’ll be truly amazed how volunteering can help you get rid of stress.
  • Learn the ancient Japanese practice of Reiki: If you’re seeking an oriental strategy to reduce stress, then the exercise of Reiki or palm healing may be your solution.

Try one or more of these tips to reduce stress and don’t hinder yourself from having a happy stress-free life despite your busy schedules.


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